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so we were supposed to go see my sister today. but we woke up late and my dad decided he didnt want to go, so none of us are going. i think that sucks so bad. its not fair. i wanted to go see her and have like a road trip with vito. but my dad has to be a jerk about it. grrr. so i am like why cant vito and i just go, but vito is so preoccupied with his own shit that he doesnt want to stop. and now i am more depressed then i was last night.

and this fits my life perfectly...stolen from erries

"I think the scariest part is realizing that sometimes bad things just happen -- no reason, no purpose -- they just occur. And we're left to pick up the pieces. I guess that's what we're all doing all the time -- just picking up the pieces the best we can."
- Sally, Felicity

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