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so guess what. vito and i took a road trip up to oneonta to visit my sister. so here we are now. lots of bad shit happened before we left, and vito has been completely rude to me., like i am not even someone he cares about, let alone loves. but we decided to go on the trip to see my sister. so far things have been ok i guess. the trip up here was long but nice. we got here and slept in the dorms. then today we are hanging out. vito is sleeping right now. he has just been weird with me. i wish it wouldnt be like that. yesterday he was just like fuck it i am gonna talk to annie and chris (annies friend who wants to break us up and for vito to be with annie) and he is gonna be their friend. so i dunno. i might go back to buffalo unless something changes real fast. unless his attitude changes real fast. apparently i have to make myself worth it to him.

whatever. so i am here spending time with my sister which is really fun. her friends are all so nice. tonight we are supposed to get a hotel and party hard. we have all kinds of stuff. hopefully vito wont be such a jerk to me or even if he pretends to care for one night, it would be nice, so we could all have a good time :)

i just miss him so much. this isnt the person i used to know. i dont know what happened to him but i want him back. i really miss him. and i love him.

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