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Math test went pretty well! i actually understood stuff!! lol but i guess i'll really know when i get it back, which means i actually have to go to class for a while. lol. So ahhh Fallfest is today!! i am soo excited to see 3 Doors Down. i know, dont be jealouse! hehe

Josh looks so cute today!!!! i dunno what to do about that yet. Hes soo wonderful. i dont know where i would be right now without him. I think he saved my life...

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    Oh my god, livejournal. Where have I been? Two years. It doesn't even seem that long. I wanna start writing again though, because I've been in a…

  • i hate the superbowl.

    someone kill me now. vito is making me watch the superbowl.

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    tomorrow is my last day of college classes...ever. holy shit.

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