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Today was teh crappiest day ever. I went to bed sooo late last ngith cause i got back fromt eh concert really late and i still had to study. teh concert was awsome by the way. Two bands played that were pretty good. the first one was mexican session. they rocked major balls. I loooveee ska. They were very talented. The second band was kinda power popy and they were not as good. Then after a million years Everclear came on stage. They were pretty good. The sound balance was pretty bad though and it was like too much noise on stage. It wasnt as good as i thought it would be but it was ok and they did 'Rockstar' so i was happy. Then FINALLY 3 Doors Down came on. They were TOTALLY AWSOME!!! OMG it was sooo good. They had awsome lighting and smoke and Brad was sooo hot!! He is such an amazing singer. And he was really into it. They sang all the best songs and two new ones too. I was totally rocking with them. I had loads of fun. Josh wasnt so into them but he tried. Then they left and came back to do Loser for an encore. That was the best song of the night. They did it soooooo well. After the show Josh had to help take downt he stage so me andrea nd jim went to get food. Then we just hung out cause we had like 2 crisis's to deal with. I hated people. they always come with their crap, ruining a good night. But it was still awsome.

So today i went to take my music theory test which was a lot harder then i thought cause my mind was still sleeping and i couldnt think as clearly as i could haveif i got more sleep. Then i just came home and went back to bed. I am soo scummy right now. Ihavnt showered or anything but i feel like too much crap to even bother. I havnt seen Josh or Andrea all day which kinda bums me out. Hopefully tonight will be better.

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