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so today i slept most of the day. vito let me get mcdonalds for breakfast this morning, which was nice. i just didnt want to be upset about other things going on in the house. i had some really great dreams though, and that cheered me up. for some reason they reminded me of thanksgiving and christmas, must have been all that snow hehe. and lots of love.

when i woke up i watched autumn in new york which was really sad, then i watched the rest of jerry mcguire which is like my fav movie. sometimes i just wonder about love. i dont know what to say about it right now really. anyway, a little while later i go over to vito to ask him what he wants to eat, he says nothing, so i clean the kitchen and go back to ask him again cause he always complains i dont do anything. so now that i do, he doesnt want me to. so he is sleeping with like a needle poking into the bed. so i cleaned up around him and turned off the lights so he could sleep. he just gave me a sleepy smile and went to bed.

he needs me so much. no matter what. i can see that. once he gets everything together it can be us again, and not this crazyness that i have to help him get through.


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