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week in review time for a real update. lots went on this week, good and bad but mostly good :) finally!! hehe. so i'm gonna start from last thursday, i remember being really tired all day.i went shopping early in the morning for random things, and picked up my meds. then i slept until i had to go to my parents house. vito wasnt really talking to me or anything so i just went about my business. i was pretty worried about him but there really wasnt anything i could do. so yeah, i went to my parents house and watched friends, had some soup and talked to my parents about money, cause we are damn broke. so my mom walked me home and we stopped int he store to get food cause i wanted to surprise vito with a really nice diner. i got tortellini, garlic bread, koolaid, salad with tomatoes, and sauce with meatballs. when i got home he was awake and i was so surprised and happy. and he was actually talking to me and was nice to me :) he absolutely loved the diner i made him, so i was happy about that too. then he showered and was gonna go lay down, but he wanted some c so he asked me to go out and get some water and call the guy. i really didnt want to but i know he needed it so i went. i knew that if he did it, we probably wouldnt do anything on halloween. anyway teh guy came and we decided we would do some stuff then meet up with him and his friends at TJ's and have some drinks. so we did some stuff and then we went out. i actually had a really good time! i wish i could have just been with vito though, but atleast we went out. when we got back he got really caught up in it though and didnt go to bed till like the next day, which was halloween. so i woke up late and i he didnt want to go anywhere, so i watched the parade on tv which was cool. and then i decided i wanted to go out and see what was going on, cause i saw lots of people with costumes leaving our building. so i put on my halloween shirt and devil horns, and striped socks, and then vito decided he would get up and go with me. we went to TJ's for a bit. Pete was dressed up as a fat plumber, it was so cute hehe. so then he wasnt feeling well so we went home. he lay with me a little and we talked. then i went out to get a paked potatoe and i watched from hell. saturday we didnt do much i dont think. we just went out to tj's again which was fun, we decided to go to bed early though so we could go out the next day. so sunday we got up really early so we could go get breakfast and see the NYC marathon. so we went out and decided we would get some orange juice and watch the beginning of the marathon and then go out. we saw the first cyclists go by, then we walked towards the park. on the way there we stopped at a place for breakfast, it was pretty good. then we stopped and the cutest little store that had bags and lip gloss and all kinds of stuff :) so we got to the park and it was so pretty. it felt soooo good to walk with vito holding his hand and just being happy together. we walked to the marathon route and sat there for a while. we saw the first men come by and then we just hung out there. vito sat on the grass while i watched the marathoners come by. i even saw P.Diddy come by!! hehe. after that we walked around the park for a long time. Vito decided he wanted to take e so we did. everything was brighter and cooler. we saw the crowds of people running in the marathon and then we walked home, which was really nice too. i got this really pretty halloween candle with little jeweles in teh shape of a cat. so yeah the rest of the night we did e and hung out and fooled around. it was cool. so monday we slept all day pretty much. tuesday we got up and we went to go get breakfast and met my dad on the way so he treated us. then we went to see the lawyer for the housing thing. that night we went to diner at my parents. we were so tired though so we just stayed a while. wednesday we went to pick up a prescription for me, and then we went downtown to the courthouse to get a court date for our housing eviction thing. so that snext week. then we came home and vito said we would hang out and do c but he got caught up in doing it himself and i just waited around. then at like 4 he remembered me and we hung out a little then we went to sleep together. that was really nice, to sleep in his arms. so yeah, today we just layed around. vito got me a sandwich and i watched tv while vito did his own thing. so now i am hangin out and stuff. tonight we are probably just gonna hang out and lay together and watch tv and stuff. so its been good. i probably left a lot out and when i remember it i will write about it hehe. like this wasnt long enough!!!! :)
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