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i registered for classes and they suck. they didnt even have photography. but vito said he would help me out and go through more of the classes. i really hope we go back to buffalo this time. he is trying hard to get everything together so we can do it. the only thing is, he says he doesnt want to come back to nyc if he leaves. i never though of not coming back here ever. thats just to weird. this is nyc. its where i grew up. i figured i would spend a few years at buff and then come back here. i guess we will have to wait and see...

earlier we watched a movie together which was cool. vito was really moody today so that was hard, but i tried my best to be patient.then we went down to 42nd st. we were gonna go to the needle exchange but we stopped at midtown comics for a while. i got some lenore comics and we both looked around, then vito left cause he realized we were late for the needle place. so i waited for him at the comic book shop. when he came back he was mad cause it closed. like it was my fault. blah. anyway, then we went to mcdonalds and ate the chicken wraps we got earlier. we won free fries through that monopoly thing lol. after that we went to this internet cafe thing on 42nd cause he wanted to see if any other needle places were open. so he found a few like on 109th st so he dragged me over there, and they werent even the right places. but we saw the lunar eclipse so that was pretty cool. then we came home and vito doesnt want to do anything even though he said he would. but atleast he went out today with me so i should be happy about that. i just wish he would be in a better mood. when he takes his meds he seems to be better.

i wish i was in oneonta with my sister right now. but maybe its good i didnt leave vito here by himself. he says he wants to be alone right now, but i think thats the last thing he needs.
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