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so yesterday annie decided to just ditch me, after i got ready and everything. then she calls me when she gets to the concert and is like oh i didnt know you were coming, you can still come. at this point i am laying on the bed with vito (i look soo good lol) and i am like yeah fuckin right. forget it. so vito and i decided we would do something for that night instead. which to me is like 100000 times better then hanging out with her. so we layed around a little, then we fooled around and it as pretty amazing. i love when he kisses me like that. it just felt sooooo good. hehe. then we lay around and waited for angel to start so i could tape it. he decidec he wants to clean then so hes moving stuff around while i check show times cause we decided we would go out to see the matrix revolutions. so he thinks we should start packing, cause we are pretty defntly going back to buffalo in july, which i feel sooo weird about now. i was so confdent about it, but now that i think we have to leave this place, i am gonna miss it soo much. and i almost dont want to leave. i know thats silly but i handle change very badly. and i am worried that buffalo might not be everything i remember it was in my head.

so yeah anyway, we walk to 86th st and go to the theatre, vito tries to sneak in and i am like ok i'll just buy two tickets and you can go ahead lol. then we went to get a pretzel and those iceee things yum. his medcicine was making him all disoriented and stuff. so we sat in the theatre and talked for a long time about random stuff. it was fun. then finally we watched the movie. i thought it was pretty good except some things SHOULD NOT have happened. so wrong. but for the most part it was really cool. so afterwards we went to a diner to eat, it was like 3am that movie was so long, and we discussed the matrix and all that (haha we are such cute dorks) and then we started walking home but vito was really dizzy so we took a cab. i was sooo tired by the time i got home that i went right to bed. wooo

so today vito went to court. but it has to be ajourned cause our lawyer isnt here, so he has been there since 9:30 doing paperwork and all that shit. i miss him. i havent woken up to him not being here for a long time. now i am gonna go eat the leftover sandwich from the diner last night. i had such an amazing time :)
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