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warning: dont read if you are easily offended hehe

so yesterday was pretty weird i guess. vito slept prettymuch all day after going to court, so i was lonely but not so bummed. i guess i was just doing my own thing. anyuway, i talke to annie online and i really wanted to go out so we decided after her class we would meet up and do something. so i watched friends and will and grace while i got ready. i asked vito if he wanted do hang out instead but he said he just wanted to sleep, so that made me defintly decide to go out.

so i met up with her at tj's we just started talking anf drinking and hanging out. telling eachother about the stuff thats been going on. it wasnt too bad. also it was kareoke night so we listened to everyone sign, thomas even sang! now that was fun to see. of course i took lots of pics. so we are talking and drinking and i see this guy like hoovering around us lol. so i go to the bathroomand when i get back he is like talking to annie. so then i dont know how it happened we started talking to him and his friend. now the one guy john was cute. he looked like kurt cobain a little. the other guy chris was really not cute but he was johns friend so we kinda had to talk to him. anyway we talked and hung out till closing time and then we decided to leave together, we wanted to get food but we didnt know where, so we walked to chris;s house which was like right up the block from my place. he has such a cool apartment i couldnt believe it. so we talked and messed around with his computer, all while john was getting really cuddly with me and we kept like rubbing eachothers back and shit. so we went into the bedroom and were all talking, annie and chris left for a while and john and i started making out like majorly. so i am laying on the bed with him layng over me and annie and chris come back so we are all like uuhhh... so we eat and drink, and realize its mad late and annie has toget up early so we decided to stay. i called vito and told him and he was like whatever, i'm sleeping. so i went to sleep with john. at first i wasnt sure what i wanted to do. but then we totally fooled around and had sex twice. and just made out for a long time. then we just went to sleep together. so basically i had a on enight stand, unless he decides to call me again, which doesnt really matter to me at this point. i mean, i love vito and he is all i want and need.

so in th emorning at like 7:30, i left him my number and annie and i left. i dont know whats gonna be up with that. so i might go out tonight, i might not. i kinda just wanna do something with vito. when i got home he was all like so what di dyou guys do and i told him and he was like wow and went to my bed to masturbate while i slept cause he said all of this got him horny. so yeah, that was my big adventure.

no i am starving and tired,but dont really wanna get up and get anything. ugh. i hate feeling like this.
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