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i was just reading my entries from january 2002.i cant believe how different things are. and how much i miss that time, even though it was pretty bad. i miss the whole josh and andrea thing, and my art, and being alone in my dorm room smoking up... i dont do any of those things here. its like even though i was so depressed then, atleast i was me, doing my stuff. and now i am lost.

hopefully going back to buffalo will change that. though i wont be living in the dorms, which was a huge part of it, i think just the atmosphere will help. and the fact that i can do things on my own there for some reason. things will be different, i know it. i want it. i just hope its what i am expecting. in any case, josh and andrea will be there so that alone will be so much better.

its so funny reading the first thing i EVER wrote about vito...Jan 23rd 2002= "I had algebra today and it sucked so bad. the teacher is way cool though and he's hot (with bright red hair! hehe) so it should be ok but its still math you know??"


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