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so last night we watched a few freshman diaries. thats a cute show. i wish i was a freshman again. had a chance to start over or something. i wonder what i would change. anyway, then i watched my big fat greek wedding which was SOOO cute!! it makes me sad sometimes though, wheni see stuff like that. yeah i am retarded.

anyway, after that vito came to sleep with me. he started talking about stuff like do i feel more like we are roomates then bf/gf which i thought was a weird question, then he tells me its just cause he is frustrated that we dont fool around as much. like its my fault. like i am the one that never wants to do anything. and then he starts talking to me about how he doesnt want to go back to buffalo and he might not go. and we should just have a long distance relationship. like totally out of the blue, but he said everything was unrelated, and we were fine. so i just dont know. i dont know what to do. i dont know if i wanna go without him. i want to go, but missing things with him just doesnt seem as worth it.

so i got my dress from torrid today. on sale. its too big. but its one size bigger then the one i tried on in the store, which was too small, about a year ago. so i lost that much weight. this is good, but i fucking love that dress so i dont know what to do now. my grandma can always fix it up i guess. hehe. and i got this cute checkered bag too. i will be sure to take pix.

anyway, thats my boring life. i guess i am upset now. i dont really know what to do or think, or if i should just wait it out and see what happens. why do things always have to get screwed up. nothing in my life ever seems to just work out.

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