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just a note to myself.

i havent done a proper update in a while. i feel so bad. but i just dont have enough brain power. i have to write about the stuff before thanksgiving. actual thanksgiving in new jersey, and when we came home. lots to write about. but i just always seem to tired to recall it all. but i will get to it.

happy december!!! <3

stolen from zoraida

first real kiss: bruno dont really remember. it was probably in high school. i kissed a lot of boys in elementary, but does that count? i remember the kiss with johnathan hehe
first screen name: sculder13 and still is baybeee
first self purchased album: um..woah. mariah carey . lol
first funeral: i remember being there. but i dont know who it was for. weird
first pet: fish
first piercing: my ears when i was 2!!
first true love: alvin, in high school. turns out he was gay. woopee. it still hurts damn it.
first big trip: um..hungary. yeah that was like a whole other country! hehe
first musician you remember hearing in your house: um does mozart count?
last big car ride: big as in more than 2 hours would be to oneonta to visit my sista
last kiss: vito
last good cry: yesterday. damn was i depressed and sick.
last movie seen: um...i watched part of half baked?
last beverage drank: cranberry-radberry juice
last food consumed: onion rings which i have to eat when vito isnt around cause he hates onions hehe
last phone call: long time ago, i dont remember. probably annie
last shoes worn: black mary janes with the pyramid studs
last CD played: christina aguilara. guilty pleasure ok?
last item bought: drugs. i am so fucking mad
last disappointment: spending my money on drugs
last soda drank: mountain dew
last ice cream eaten: klondike bar
last shirt worn: red a black striped shirt with fishnet sleeves.

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