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asking for a prayer

so, i am still in buffalo. but things didnt go the way we planned. not one bit. i dont really want to get into it right now, but lets just say vito wasnt well, things went bad, his family is all up in his face, and everything is so up in the air. i found an apartment near school, so atleast that, but he doesnt know if he is gonna stay with me or move back home for a while. things are so fucked up right now its not even funny. and i feel like ive had to grow up so much in these past two weeks. i feel like i had to fight against the world. and i dont even know if i have won yet.

so i saw vito today, and we just argued about money, so i feel like shit. but my parents, who i now think are the most amazing parents in the world are gonna help me with all the money i owe him. thinking about things, i made a lot of mistakes, and god, so did he. but things are gonna change now. i dont want this crap in my life. i just want to be with him, the vito that i know and love, and be happy. and whatever it takes, i am gonna make that happen.

hopefully i will see him again tonight and go see lord of the rings or something. he might be too tired. who knows right now. i dont want to stress him out, but its so hard. especially me being here all alone. then i am going home monday, and who knows what will happen from there. i have to pack my stuff up and come back. he needs to go back for the court case, and i dont even know how many weeks it will be until i see him again. sometimes i dont know if i will be able to handle all this. and his family.

i love him so much, i just want him and us to be ok.

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