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merr christmas

so last night was pretty cool. i waited all day to talk to vito so i was a little anxious, but when i talked to him he seemed pretty happy and in a good mood. we decided that i was gonna go shopping a bit with andrea, and then she would drive me over to his moms house and then we would go see lord of the rings. so andrea and i went to a few places, i bought little pet treats for kelvin, and a really ice thermal shirt for vito for christmas, and a cute lacy tank and earrings hehe. then we went to wallmart and the mall and stuff. so when we get out of the mall i have a message from vito saying he really wants me to go over, so we did. it was so nice. he grandma was there and they were decorating the tree and everything. it was so beautiful. there was christmas music on, and everything was so christmasy. it finally felt good. so we helped decorate a little and we hung out. vito looked so good, it was so nice to see him. he really loved the shirt, he put it on right away :) then we just hung out and talked for hours. we ended up not seeing the movie, but it was nice to just hang out anyway. i miss him so much when he is not around, but i am trying to be ok with it. so around 11:30 we came home and we were so tired. we watched a bit of snl and then went to bed.

today vito is supposed to show me this other apartment before i get the one i wanted, cause he says it might be nicer, so i am waiting for him to call, which i will probably have to do hehe. then we might see a movie or just hang out. i am hoping that i can stay over at his moms so he can come with me to the airport tomorrow. i sooo dont want to leave him, but i have to go home for christmas. i am gonna miss him so much, and things just arent gonna be the same. i know i am gonna be thinking about him every second. grr. so yeah i hope things go well today and i hope he will go with me to the airport. thats gonna be sad as hell but atlest he will be there.

and then i am going to my grandmas, so merry christmas and happy new year to everyone, if i dont get to write on here before then.

love you sweetie <3

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