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happy new year!!!

so i finally have time to sit down at my computer and write. we dont have internet at home anymore so i am trying to get in a few sentences whenever i can. so christmas was ok. it was the usual, without vito though which was sad. but we talked everyday so that was ok. then on the 29th we decided we were gonna pack up my shit and go to buffalo to move into my new place. i was so excited cause i would get to see vito. so we got there after like 9 hours, we moved all the boxes in, we went shopping for a few things, then we went to diner at vito's moms place. i had such a good time, and it was so good to see him. he looked really wonderful. that day he had a job interview and he said it went really well, so hopefully he got it. i pray for it every day.

so we wanted to drive back the next day with him but he wanted to take a plane cause he gets car sick. he got home at like 11, i got home at 7 hehe. that night was kinda rough, vito wanted to do stuff but i was like so against it. but now its over thank god, so hopefully things will go back to normal. and we can consentrate on us. these past few weeks have been so hard. i never thought i would have to go through this much in such a short period of time. but i think it all made me stronger. and i hope it made him stronger too. i feel like we love eachother more than ever right now.

so the past few days we have just been spending time with eachother, and my sister. its been really great. yesterday we saw lotr again, he held my hand for the whole 3+ hours :)

so i am leaving for good on saturday morning. i start classes on monday. i am so nervous. i am like having nightmares about it now. and its gonna be so hard with vito not being there. and i still dont know if he is gonna move in with me or stay with his mom. hopefully it will work out. hopefully school will go well too. i am sooo dreading leaving on saturday. i know i am gonna cry so bad. and i am gonna be so lonely at the huge new place. hopefully i will get my internet set up soon.

hope everyone is doing well. i miss you all!!!a

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