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vitos coming yay!!!!

first off, i have to ask, does anyone have showtime that can tape the L word for me this sunday!? i dont have cable yet and i desperaely want to watch that show, i wil love you forever!!!

so today seemed like a better day. sort of. i didnt get to hang out with beth last night cause i was deathly ill ok not deathly, but sicker than i have been in the past like 2 years. i had a fever and was throwing up and everything. i got home and went to take a nap, and when i got up it was too late to do anything. i talked to vito for a bit which was nice. hes been calling me, and it feels good cause it shows that he really is thinking of me. so i then attempted my womens studies homework, i read a bit and then i just couldnt do it anymore and decided that being this sick i wouldnt make it anyway.

so i woke up this morning about an hour before i would have had to wake up, and i was still feeling like shit but i got up and figured id try to write my response paper i didnt do the night before. i figured i wouldnt be able to, but i finished it, so then i wsa like hell if i am gonna actually do my work and not go to class. so i got dressed and went. that was so not like me, so i am really proud of myself. the class is pretty awsome too so i didnt wanna miss it. i thought josh or andrea would drive me cause i was sick and i asked them if they could please help me out. but they didnt really care. so yeah. things have been really distant between us. not like i didnt know that was gonna happen. oh well.

so then on the way home vito calls me and tells me he is coming by train tomorrow!!! i am so excited! i cant wait to see him. i hope he doesnt miss the train. i dont want to stress him out, but i am really looking forward to seeing him!!!i hope he likes it here

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