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so many dreams just out of the blue

so last night was pretty cool. vito got here around 8ish with his mom and brother. they brought over dinner but couldnt stay cause it was too late. it was ok though cause i was kind of nervouse about the whole thing, and i really just wanted to see vito the first night he was back. we were so happy to see eachother. he really loves the new place. and he is so happy to see kelvin. its good to see him laugh and smile again. so we talked a little and ate diner, then he was really tired so he went to bed. i decided to go out with josh, andrea, jim and dan while he slept. so dan picked me up and we all went to this bowling place. it was pretty cool since i have only bowled once when i was like 8. i thought i was gonna suck but i actually did pretty good. i even got 2 strikes! hehe. so yeah, then we went back to josh and andreas. i was itching for another drink cause i had a beer there, but they are kind of uptight about that sort of thing so i just let it go. later on dan and i secided we had to intergrate them into our scene as well hehe. so we played this game called Taboo. it was pretty cool. i sucked for the most part and wasnt really feeling well. plus i wanted to get home already cause i knew vito would be up. so finally at like one dan drove me home and vito was in the shower, so we hung out, talked, and watched vitos favorite movie called Harry and Tonto. its about the old man and his cat and his encounters and relationships with many people. it was really good and really sad. then we cuddled for a bit and went to bed. it was really nice to have him there next to me. i feel like things have changed, but at the same time we have gotten closer. i dont really know how to explain it.

so we woke up a few times at night and talked and had cereal. this morning we talked again. its good to be able to talk to him again about real stuff. its just good to have him here altogether. so now he is sleeping and i decided i would try to get some work done. i also really wanna go out somewhere like a club or something. but i dont know how up for it we will all be. plus i still dont feel good. i am so dreading class on tuesday. i think i really dont like that english class so i am really worried about it. other then that things are going pretty damn good :)

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