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good days

so today hs been a really good day. vito has been up and about, thanks to his medicine. we hung out and talked and everything. it was really nive to just lay with him and talk about things that he is usually too stressed to talk about. then we decided we were gonna go see the butterfly effect cause we have been wanting to see it for so long. so we were gonna go at 4 but decided to fool around instead hehe. then we printed out lyrics to this cd i really love by skindive and we listened to the whole thing.

so now vito is making a few phone calls, then we are gonna go to campus, then go see the movie, and hopefully get some food inbetween one of those things.

tonight i wanted to go out but im not sure what we are doing. beth might come over again. last night was pretty cool. we were amused by kelvin for like the whole night hehe. and vito actually came out and hung out with us. so it was all good. so yeah thats the story for right now.

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