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i would definitly 'butterfly effect' the last few hours

im starting to get really sad that vito is going home tomorrow. ive been sad i just try to put it aside so i can actually enjoy the time i have with him. so yesterday we ended up going to campus and eating at burger king. vito saw the refelction of a hot girl in the window he wanted to point out to me, then realized it WAS me. lol thats so cute.then we got a cab to the thatre. the movie was awsome. it was sooo good but so very disturbing at the same time. even vito was disturbed. and thats a hard thing to do. it was really sad at the same time. i came out of it feeling very weird. then vito was tired but i wanted to do something. so we went home and i invited beth and michelle over. michelle brought alcohol, so i wanted to get trashed, but that didnt happen. we just sat around and talked. it was a good time. vito even stayed up with us. he made this cute little snack platter that beth and i were eating like alllll night. i hate getting hungry when i am stoned, but it was actually fun.

today vito woke me up and said he was gonna have lunch with his mom, but then decided to have lunch with me instead, so we took a bus and walked over to amy's place. i love going to eat there with him. the girls there are sooo hot too hehe. afterwards we went into that pot smoking shop next door hehe. it was sooo much cooler then i thought. they had like everything there. i had to talk vito out of buying a few things that i dont want him to get started with again, but i bought some cherry djarms and we bought whippits. coolness. then we went to the other store but they kind of sucked so we left hehe. after that we went to the coffee bean cafe or something like that. we started talking about what happened when he was in the hospital, and all the shit i had to go through , and how crazy the whole thing was. i really hated all of it. and i get so nervous that it might happen again. i get so worried. anyway, then we decided to go home, so we waited for the bus and all that. when we got home we did the whippets which were pretty cool. didnt last too long though but maybe thats a good thing. then vito got all cranky and tired and hes been up and down since. we started going through memory box stuff, but he was getting too overwhelmed. i think he is just feeling upset about going back tomorrow. i so do not want this week to happen. and he is being so weird right now. ugh i just dont know. all i know is i am gonna miss him and i hope he gets back here soon.

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