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its not my home until your here.

so yesterday was really hard. we woke up and vito called his mom and then sorted his papers. i was in a pretty grumpy mood. well of course i was. so we just hung out and talked and lay together. there are a lot of things going on in his mind, and im glad he shares them with me, even though i may not agree on everything. i just wish some things he would put aside. because there are so many other things that to me seem more important. thats me i guess. i cant speak for him. but i know he tries so hard. and i know he sees what i mean. deep down he listens.

so anyway, then we collected the laundry and his mom came. we went through the memory box a little which was nice and fun. id like to do it more in depth though. i love going through memories with him. i cant wait till we look through all the pictures ive taken. so we packed up his stuff then and left. we went to his mom's house. i started the laundry while he got together some nice clothes and then we went to the airport. it was so sad to say goodbye to him. i didnt want to see him walking away. hes gotten so much better though. i think it was good that he was here for a while. hes returning to his old wonderful self again.

so then i went back with his mom and finished up the laundry while we talked and had tea. it was really nice. i was nervous about it but i actually had a good time talking with her. and i hope that she sees that i am not this horrible person. i think shes getting to like me more and more.

so then i went home and was pretty upset cause i missed vito and i felt so shitty that i already missed him so much. i went online for a bit, then beth and i decided we needed to get wasted. so she came over, we drank a little, smoked up in her car, then hung out for a short time upstairs. i felt like such a sad loser. i should stop feeling like that around people.

so yeah, then today i had to go through shit with ub which i dont want to get into. i really wanted to go home. he just called me and sounds so cute, but stressed. i wish i could be there. just for this week or something. i miss it there. and i miss being there with him. i would love to spend his last week in nyc with him. finish that up right...or something.

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