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too long....

yeah, way too long without a computer. I havnt been updating cause I'm at my grandmas and she has no computer so i have togo to the library once a week to check email and stuff. I hate it ehre. everyone looks at me like i'm a freak. SO i'm all ready to buy this awsome colored hair dye and my dad freaks. He's like no way your coloring your hair that color, do it in college. He does not understand how hard it is to do it in the bathroom of my dorm. especially with people walking in and out. ugh. but hey, i really want the hair so i guess i have to wait till then. other then that, nothing much going on. I got some cute Emily stickers at hot topic and i made a few wallpapers for my desktop that say "chicks can play too, with a pic of rayshele playin her guitar. it's pretty awsome. maybe i'll put it up on my site. i'll make like a special little harlow section. i'm sure you flickerstickers wont mind :)i miss talking to you izzy!!! can't wait till i get back home. i just learned a few more songs on my guitar. not very cool ones but atleast it's something. well, i'll probably be gone from my cyber world for another week. till then, love to all.

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