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pardon me if i burst into flames

so things ended up working out for the most part. i should stop being so pessimistic and go back to that wonderful optomism i used to have. sometimes that gets hard. when you keep telling yourself that everything is gonna be ok, and its not, it gets hard. but i guess eventually it does work out. im just not always that patient. or strong.

so anyway, vitos mom picked me up and we went over. we stopped at tops for a few things. i waited in the car and sang along to mandy moore lol then we got there and i helped make diner which was pretty fun. his mom and i have been getting along really well so thats cool. so vito was still sleeping when we did all this, then he finally came down and we talked and he took his medicine which really helped. then we ate diner, his brother john was there too. i really like that kid. there is something about him that just makes me really interested in him. and i think people dont really take the time to get to know him and thats sad. so it would be cool to hang out with him. vito isnt too keen on the idea but maybe it will happen sometime soon. so then we just hung out and talked. vito went to take a shower and i watched friends with john. i havent seen that show in sooo long. or any tv for that matter. i miss it so much lol i am such a dork.

so then we got some things together and talked about random mental health stuff, and then vitos mom drove us home. it was really nice to sleep next to vito again. i missed him sooo much.

so now he went off with his mom to this drug seminar thing, and im gonna make diner for when he comes back, then i am gonna hang out with beth, which is always so fun hehe. i am craving cloves sooo bad!!! hehe

tomorrow i have to see the psychiatrist which i am not looking forward to. he weirds me out. but i guess to get my meds i have to go. and then i am probably gonna go to the mall with beth to get the new incubus and for me to check out some nose rings cause the stupid stone in mine keeps falling out. grr.

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