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fragile...she doesnt see her beauty

so monday beth and katie came over and we hung out and had tons of fun. we were so worried that vitos mom would come home with him. i felt like i was 15 lol. so then he came to hang out with us but he always feels so self concsious. i dunno. but it was all so much fun. i love those girls.
anyway then the next day i was just like blah so i didnt go to my psychiatrist, i felt bad but i didnt really feel like getting up that early.

my womens studies class was so fun. i love the discussions in that class, and the topics and everything. which reminds me i have to drop my english class today. i fucking hated that class. so yeah...

then i bought new speakers at UB micro cause mine are SUCH a piece of shit, and i needed new ones for the nightly parties with beth hehe. then i went over to her dorm and we decided to go eat so we picked vito up and went to ihop. it was pretty damn fun. vito was being so sweet to me. he normally isnt that affectionate to me like in public so it was so refreshing. he was hugging me and telling me how much he missed me. he also took more meds so that could have been it, but it was still like so nice and made me feel loved. then later on he got so weird about that and we got in a whole arguement and now hes like annoyed at me, but thats a whole other issue.

so then we went to the boulevard mall. we hung out there for a super long time and i kept feeling bad, the situation became weird i think, but i had fun shopping around with beth and vito. he like never goes out so it was good to have him there. and it was good to have beth arond being another girl and all hehe. so i got the new incubus cd and an ani difranco cd cause we have been listening to her in womens studies so i wanna see how much i like her. then we went to hot topic and got cool ass stuff, and i got this awsome skirt at east meets west. i wanna buy like the whole mall!!! grr i wish i had more money. there was this gorgeous necklace that i wanted sooo bad. and vito got me this cute coat for valentines day. i dont really need a coat but it looks so cute and i could use it for going to fun places. i hope i get a teddy bear too though or something.

haha this is getting so long. lol so then we decided to go home and get messed up so we stopped at a head shop to get whippits and salva, and i got a new piece so that was cool. so yeah we did that all night and had a blast. vito was being weird at times, but thats just him i guess. and i was getting a little annoyed by his weirdness. i need to stop getting so paranoid when i am high cause i start talking to him about stuff that i shouldnt, and then he just gets upset. so yeah then we went to get shrroms and got so messed up. and i was just like ok...but i dealt with it. and then he got all weird on me so i dont know what happened there. he just hates when i start talking to him about emotional stuff with me. i dont know. he asks me too and then gets mad when i do. just certaian things he does bothers me, or i wonder why i dont get the same treatment as other people, and he gets so upset when i talk to him about that. i dont even know if i am making sense anymore. so yeah, then he got up and went to do his own thing and never came back to bed with me. i feel like i ruined everything and i feel like the biggest fucking idiot :(

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