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remember this girl, back in the day. we used to be sisters, we used to be friends...

i just cant believe the nerve of some people. really obnoxious the way they think they can treat people and then just be like "whatever, i didnt do anything." These are the fakest people i have ever seen. eventually they will end up alone because of how they treat people, or because of how shallow or personality-less they really are.

some people need to get a personality check. some people need to get a fucking life.

i am so glad she is one person i dont have to deal with for a very long time. maybe she can grow up a bit and then figure out that she isnt such hot shit and its not a privilage to be friends with her. lol.

how do you fuck someones boyfriend, never apologize, and think thats ok. then tell me shes the best friend i ever had and i never noticed it. ARGHHHHH!!!

i hate some people. so lets not give them another second of our thoughts...

on the plus side there are some people i am growing to love very much ~_^

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