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...and already i'm wasting away.

thinking back on events that happened, i forgot to mention that on the day i went to boulevard with katie and beth, when i got back vito was on his way out somewhere. he was really quiet for most of the time and told me he didnt want to talk and that his mom was picking him up and they were going to eat. so he just sat by the window for like half an hour and i tried to talk to him but he was just so distant. last night when we were talking he told me it wasnt my fault and that he was just depressed.

anyway he came back around 8ish i think and he asked me if i wanted to go out to dessert with him family. i was so nervouse cause i know his brother joe hates me cause of the whole vito doing drugs and he thinks its my fault thing, but vito told me it would be ok so i went. jim, vito;s mom's boyfriend took us to the cutest place on main street called butterwood. they had the most fancy deserts there and the bathroom was so cool lol. so we all ordered deserts and talked. joe was even nice to me which was so cool, and his girlfriend jenn was so sweet! i had a really good time, and vito seemed to be in a better mood. he was still distant but atleast he was talking to me and being sweet with me. then we came home and he said he wanted to sleep but he told me he loved me and it was ok.

as for now, i tried to study and couldnt so i lay down at 8 and woke up at like 10:45. i tried to study more and then got bored. i called vito to see if he got there. he sounded sad but he was probably just tired and doesnt really know what to do with his mom there hehe. he said he packed less than he thought he did. i hope that doesnt mean they are staying longer. he is also nervous about the court case. i hope it goes well. so i talked to him for like 5 min then he said he was tired. so here i am. should be studying. haha. this test is gonna be so fun.

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