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social crap

so here i am, my test is over. it prettymuch sucked. i studyed last night but i didnt really know much. i study so bad. and everyone had like extra notes and stuff. oh well.

so now i am waiting around campus. im gonna have lunch with beth. maybe ill do some valentines day shopping as well.i also have to get in touch with my stupid doctor from the city cause they cant fill my birth control sript here without talking to her. and today is my day to start using it. i hate that. grr.

so wednesday i am probably going to the SG burleaque show with a few people i am gonna meet. that should be fun. i wish vito would be here to go to it. he would love it. im nervous about going but i know i will regret it if i dont.

so thats all for now. yay for a million hours on campus. haha

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