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sometimes things are overrated

so wednesday i had to go to the stupid gyno. its wasnt that bad and now i have a year supply of birth control. whopee. it was so hard doing my homework the night before cause i was just so distracted and felt yucky and everything. things just sucked.

but class was super fun as usual. i really love all the discussions we have and just how interesting everything is. and the people are cool too. not to mention the teachers. so hot lol. then i bought a cute valentines day bag for vitos present and a book called the feminine mestique, and clove cigarettes hehe. i am so addicted now. they taste like candy.

so after class i hung around in the union for a while. they were having these stupid actioning off of people. i really hate when they have stuff like that. its so degrading. and then i actually went to the LGBTA office. i was fucking nervous as hell cause i have had SOOOOOOO many bad experiences with it and the people so it took me a lot. ive been trying to build up the courage for years now hehe. anyway i went there and talked to this girl about the meeting and what was going on and everything. it still seemed a bit cliquey to me but people were more friendly and she told me a lot of "those people" that wee bitches were now gone or toned down. so that was good to know. and i talked to her about this "we hate bisexuals" shit and she said there were so much more bisexual and transgendered people there now and so many more girls. so that was good to hear. maybe i will go back there sometime soon.then i called vito who is having a mom and my dad crisis. they werent leaving him alone about the packing stuff so he sent them away and now his mom and my dad are hanging out like 24 hours lol. so vito has time to chill and pack on his own.

so after that i went to office hours for my womens studies class to talk about my midterm. i think i am gonna do a report on ani difranco so if anyone loves her and has info, please help me out hehe.

theh i went to beths room, i met katie on the bus and we talked. i love that girl she always cheers me up and puts a smile on my face. i laugh so much when i am with her. i wish i could be tht happy all the time hehe. so beth and i hung out a little and went to buy cloves, then we met up with katie again and ate taco stuff and smoked cloves. then we hung out in beths room for a while. i love those two girls. they are so cute and sweet and beth is always there for me to talk to and stuff.

then vito calls me and tells me the lawyers called and want to settle for the case. so he doesnt have to pay anything, but he wont get any money back either. which hhe is not happy about. so he wants to go see what he can do about that. i wish he would just let it go and come back. he says he might not be back for valentines day. i am totally gonna be devestated and die. thats like such an important day for me. but i dont wanna pressure him or anything.

so yeah then i got home and got ready for teh SG burlesque thing. i looked so hot lol. i got all dolled up in my cutest goth wear and looked fabulous. i always feel so much more confident when i am dressed that way, the way i want. i really have to just not care what people think. so the show was ok. kinda lame. the girls were hot. the guys in the audience were retarded. i went with my friends mike and brianna who are sooo totally awsome. so i took a few pictures and then this guy was like you have to leave so me and brianna left and were gone for like 10 minutes and then we went back in and the show was over. totally lame. but hey we saw hot girls and naked bodies. so that was cool. afterwards we just drove brianna home, when i got home i talked to vito for a while, while i was throwing up lol. then later i invited mike over and we had fries and watched like half of american beauty and then i sent him home hehe.

then i prettymuch just went to bed. i miss vito. i wish he would be here. i so hope he gets back by saturday. i wanna call him but i dont want his mom to think i am annoying. grr to her.

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