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Happy Birthday Katie!!!!!

so the day i got my computer back, mike spilled soda all over it so now its fried hehe. but he was the sweetest and brought me over another computer. thank god. so we were gonna watch dvd's that night but we ended up watching se7en on tape and falling asleep, then having fun in the morning.

so i caught up on my WS homework for the most part which i am really happy about. things have just been too crazy around here lately and its really getting to me. i just dont know anymore. im glad i have friends to talk to and hang out with. sanity i tell ya.

so then yesterday mikee and i hung out in the morning and then chris came over cause we were gonna go to the mardi gras thing so we hung out and smoked for a while. then we boiled out his bowl which was weird and made like pot tea lol. then we waited for tali, who got the cutest outfit and we just all hung out all night. i want sure if i wanted to go to mardi gras cause vito was getting a little pissy and i needed to do some work but we decided to go anyway. we ended up going to the red room. i saw lots of boobs and making out, and danced with a couple girls and vito. it was ok but for the most part it was actually boring. not really my crowd. i felt too pressured. then we were gonna go to marcellas cause thats where i really wanted to go but everyone was too tired by then so we just came home. i tried to do hw but just fell asleep, so i did it today in the computer lab and handed it in after class. woo.

vito has been being so weird with me lately. his temper has been off the wall and he just gets mad at me for everything. i feel like i have been trying so hard with everything and he doesnt appreciate it or even notices it. i wis he would just go see the psychiatrist and get more meds cause thats probably what it is. i dunno. i guess i just have to try harder.

ive been cutting myself more and more lately. and i have been feeling so numb in certain aspects of my life. maybe its just being here. i dont know what it is. i just wish i could get a hold of it before it spirals out of control.

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