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this week

so wednesday night i was so tired but mike and me went out to the opium lounge cause it was fetish night. we got all dressed up and headed out. it was pretty cold but i looked cool so it was ok. hehe. so we got there and just sat at the couches and drank. we talked about a lot of deep stuff and it was really nice to have someone listen. then we danced for a while, then drank some more lol. driving back to my place we decided we were not messed up enough so we went back to his place and did some shrooms. we hung out there while we got high and fooled around, i got totally fucked up this time lol. i was seeing stuff moving and everything and of course falling all over myself. i hurt my knee again woo. so we got back to my place at like 6am and i was having such a spaz attack. i was just so depressed i wanted to kill myself and i was crying and just so upset, and mike just stayed next to me and hugged me. and made me feel better. he is such an awsome friend. so then we just went to sleep.

thursday after mike left at like 4, Tali vito and i went to go do laundry. that was pretty fun. i dont know why i love doing laundry so much hehe. it was cool to hang out with the two of them. then we went grocery shopping at wegmans. food yay. vito got me the cutest bunny rabbit bag thing lol i cant explain it. and these spongebob bubbles. when we got home i did most of my hw and then mike came over. we went to opim lunge again but it took us so long cause we needed to find an atm. it was cool just hanging out there for a while. so i had 3 drinks then we left. we were gonna watch teh nin dvd but by that time i was SO fucked up. like the walls were moving and shit. i dont know what the hell happened. mike thought someone slipped me somehing. cause it was crazy. and all day today i have been sick and throwing up. not fun.

so i went to class really sick, but i had to go cause i love that class and this was the one on sexual orientation. and a roup called GRASP came to speak to us from teh LGBTA so that was pretty cool. then i met up with andrea who i havent seen in sooo long and she came over to make brownies for josh's birthday which is today. im supposed to go out with them tomorrow, but then i also said yes to dropping acid tonight, and also to going to the continental with mike, brianna and jill. but then chris said the acid was too much, but then sold lortabs to vito so now we have that so we might just get fucked up on that and go to the cont.

i am sooo tired though. blah. i hope this weekend works out ok. vito and i decided sunday would be our valentines day sicne we didnt really do anything on the actual valentines day, and sunday is a special leap year day so it will be cool :)

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