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so sunday night mike came over. we fooled around and it was cool cause i was pretty mesed up. i teased him for about half an hour and then he just ended up tying me up with a cable cord lol. and yeah we had fun. then we started to talk about stuff that was really deep, like my childhood stuff and my dad stuff, and my teacher molesting me, which i have never really told anyone but vito and my therapists. so it was an emotional night to say the least. but it was good to get it out. and it was good to cry. good to have a shoulder to cry on. anyway, then we slept the whole rest of monday and then mike went home. shit was pretty bad over here and i cut some more,havent really cut this bad in a while. go me. but vito and i talked about it so maybe we can start to work things out now. ive just been so stressed with school, and vito not having his meds. so things have been rough. hopefully after we just talked, we will be more understanding with eachother and maybe not have such a temper.

so today mike is supposed to drop off my new and improved powerbook with osx. im pretty excited about it. im not excited about the midterm i have due on friday which i havent even started. blech. tomorrow jill is dying my hair purple at mikes house, then we are gonna take the wonderful pills and go to the opium lounge. it should be good times :)

so now i am off to shower and then start my work. maybe things are gonna start getting better. im pretty excited.


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