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up and down and all around

so recap to wednesday. mike picked me up after me taking forever to get ready. then we went to go pick up jill. we went to get bleach and hair dye cause she forgot it so i decided i was gonna dye it purple with pink streaks. so then we get back to mikes and jillsfriend nikki came over who doesnt like me cause mike is sleeping with me and not her lol. but shewas cool anyway.she bleached my hair but there wasnt enough bleach so the bottom was still a lot darker than the top. after trying to think of different combinations of what we coulddo we decided to dye it all purple and dye the bangs pink. so now its like 4 different getting used to it i guess. im thinking of choppin some of it off but i dontknow if i could do that. so after doing that for hours we popped a few pills and headed over to the opium lounge. we just sat around and drank for a while. mike and i cuddled whle this guy was majorl hitting on jill hehe. then jill was starting to feel sick like i did that one night so now we really think they are putting something in the well drinks. so we took her back home then mike and i went came back here. i dont really remember what we did so yeah.

then thursday i just slept most of the day, then mike had to go to work so we went to wendys first and i got food and a frosty. yum. i brought vito back a salad so he was happ about that. on another note i got a letter and picture and my dvd back from my old friend ken. it was good to hear from him.i miss him from time to timer. i wonder what kind of relationship we would have had if he never left. so yeah then i tried to work onmy midterm but failed terribly. then tali came home and ken came over and we just hung out talking and looking at suicidegirls. hehe it was fun. vito renewed my subscription so that was cool. yeah so then ken left and me vito and tali were talking about losing weight and how we thought we looked and all that. then jill called saying she got stuff for vito. so we drove over there and hung out for a bit. when we came back we looked at the stuff and it was such shit. so vito was all upset about that and then i got upset cause i hate when he is all sad and upset. so then mike came over at like 5am and he tried it to and agreed it was shit so we tried to talk to jill about it but there was nothing we could do. that night i actually slept with vito for a while. we listened to music together and talked so that was nice.

so yeah i ended up not doing my midterm or going to class or the meeting i had with my world civ teacher. im really ontopof things. yeah. so friday i just bummed around again. i dont really remember much...mike went to work i think, and vito was being weird. i just lay in bed and was depressed and crying and vito came in to my room to say sorry but he just ended up arguing with me more and making me more upset then blamming me for getting him i couldnt stop crying so i cut myself really bad and then just went to sleep and waited for mike to call..then he came to pick me up and we went to his friend kevins bday get together at a bar called rondevous which was pretty cool. his friends were pretty cool and i had a really good time. afterwards we went back to mikes to get a few drinks and then we were gonna go back to my place but we started fooling around and got carried away and then ended up staying.

mike dropped me off at like 11am. vito gave me a letter he wrote apologizing for how hes been acting which was so sweet andcomforting to me. it made me feel so much better. i think i went to sleep for a while then beth and matt came over to visit which was cool.i was so happy to see beth.i havent seen her in ages so it was cool to hang out and talk. we smoked a bowl andthen the left. then tali got back and decided she wanted to come with me to mikes bday party. she got the cutest outfit and everything. vito decided hecouldnt go cause he was so tired. so it took me forever to get really and then we left. we were like thelast onesthere butit wascool. so we drank and hung out. all his friends are so cool and then jill and brianna were theretoo. then we decided we wanted to smoke pot out of mikes hukka so tali me and kevin go get pot from out usual and we got back like an hour later. they were all drunk and plaing magic, which i tried to learn but then we went to go smoke up and i got so fucked up that i dont remember much after that except having fun with mike, brianna and steve leaving at somepoint, talking to vito twice on the phone and eating a cheeseburger lol. then i went upstairs and fell asleep in mikes bed.

so i wake up today at like 1 i guess and i go downstairs and jill and mike are sleeping onthe couch watching some 50 foot woman movie. so mike andi watched that and the saint while we cuddled and made out. then i really wanted to get home and so did jill, so we left and stopped at wilson farms on the way to get chips and cookie dough. vito was up when we got back so we hungout and talked for a while. then mike wasnt feeling well so he lay down for a bit. he went to work all sick so i felt really bad.

later on i think we are gonna try to get some molly's and k cause it seems like good times. everyone is so blah today so i dunno how thats gonna go. then taliis bringing a friend over thats gonna sleep over and tomorrow she is getting her tongue pierced and i know that once i am at the piercing place im not gonna be able to not get a lip ring we'll see.

i think thats it. if i missed anthything, i probably wont remember later lol.

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