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What a strange weekend.... I dont even know where to begin. Stuff sucked so bad and then stuff was ok and now i dont know what to think. So Mary didnt talk to me for another day and then the shit went down. We talked about it and worked it out with me letting many things go, but we are good now and thats all i want. I just want people to understand me and be ok with me.

Andreas best friend John came to visit this weekend and he was awsome. i wish he went here. We just clicked so well. I am so glad I met him, but i think andrea was a little jealous that we got along so well. but i hope that works out ok. We went to eat and shop together and John practically spent the entire time with me. It was so cool to just hang out with him because he was so refreshing and i mean we just met but we were already like how good friends act. I felt bad for Andrea though. So then when we got back we went out for dessert with Josh and his parents which was fun. His brother Matt was so awsome. He is really cute and funny. guess it runs in the family =)

so other then that stuff has been weird. I have been too emotionally high and low and i have a hard time dealing with that. I have a test tomorrow that i didnt really study for and i am really nervous about but i think i will do ok. so thats all for now. peace and love.

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