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yeah i suck ;)

so...this spring break was crazy eventful and lots of other things that i just dont have words for.

lets just say it was so good to see pete on st.patricks day, and happy but sad to be back on my block again. and it was good to see my parents and my home, and good to see my sister and everyone at oenonta. i missed her and all the other kids so much.

they might come up this weekend so im really excited!!!

it was good to have my parents here. we went to montana mills bread wth them and the loved it so much. then we did laundry and shoping. they have been so cool lately :)

im glad to be home now and see everyone here. drama not included. but isnt there always drama? lol. i just hate being everybody's everything all the time. it makes a person sooo tired and fed up.

now i have tons of work to do. yay. and other then that things should be ok. i love my sweetie so much. hes been so super great :) this morning we went out ti get him a hard drive so he can set up his computer finally. then we went to target and i got the cutest skirt. im so happy to be back hom.

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