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let the rain come down.

why do things change so fast. its like a pattern in my life. a stupid one that wont go away. its like something out there doesnt want me to be happy enough for like one day. god forbid. the world might end.

i went to the cont with the usual gang minus vito and plus katie. before that we did her hair so it was really cute. i had an ok time at the club though. i wasnt feeling really good at all and vito had been arguing with me beforehand so i was kind of bummed out. it was good to hang out with everone again.

i dont really know what to write about everything else right now. i guess im just sad and overwhelmed. i just think its so wrong for him to kick me out of bed when he was cuddling with someone else all night. oh but i do the same. exactly the same right? so its ok. except i dont, and i am never hurtful. as a matter of fact i am even more sensitive to how he is feeling. but oh well. i guess i just fucking suck. i guess i dont even know what else to say about this. oh and if i do im probably just being a jealous bitch. ya know, forget about him being my bf and all. forget about me completely. maybe its better that way.

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