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this is what i do on a wed when i dont go to class

stolen from lostnsidemyself :)

- What color underwear are you wearing: blue with stars on the waistband
- Age of first kiss: like ever?? probably 5 lol ;p but for real like 14 i think
- Other person's age: 13
- Favorite way to kiss: soft, with tongue and passion, then getting more intense. yum.
-Age you lost your virginity: 19
- Do you regret it:i dont regret who it was with at all but i regret how or why i guess. i dunno
- Ever had a one night stand: yep. i hated it.
- Where have you had sex besides a bed: the floor lol
- Do you like 'making love,' 'having sex,' or 'fucking': making love the best, but fucking is awsome too.
- Favorite Position: hmmmm whatever flows at the time hehe
- Had anal sex: nope
- Did you like it: n/a
- Have you given head: haha yes. tons.
- Giving or receiving: hmmm well duh. recieving.
- 69: bothers me a little.
- Kissed somebody after they gave you oral sex: im sure i have. what of it?
- Are you loud during sex: haha yeah i am ;)
- What turns you on the most: kissing...everywhere, touching
- What tricks have you learned to use on the same sex: im good with my tongue ;)
- How sexual would your perfect boyfriend be: pretty damn sexual. like all the time. morning sex would be sooo nice.
- Which celebrity would you have sex with: angelina jolie, david duchovny ;p
- Ever been tested for STD's: nope. dont really feel the need to. im all safe like that
- Ever taken nude pictures: yep
- Would you: uh yeah
- Would you let somebody videotape you having sex: haha id let myself videotape me having myself.
- Have you used any food during sex: like whipped cream, chocolate syrup, strawberry powder stuff. yup
- Ever participated in bondage: sort of
- What is the sexiest thing about a guy: his back an butt

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