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*your numb to the world that youknow*

today REALLY sucked. I was sooo bored all day. absolutely nothing to do. theres only so many hours you can play the guitar. then all the food in the house got boring, and all my books got boring and all the shows on tv got boring. we finally left the house at like 6 and went to a craft store. i got some glitter and some black t-shirts and i got a bedazzler! i guess that was pretty cool. so now i can stud all my stuff. yay. so then i was walking out of the store and i fell really bad. my right hand was all hurt and yuck and it hurts. blah. and my foot is bleeding too cause i am wearing flip flops. so that sucked. then i get here to the library to go on these stupid computers and i get an email that i am using other peoples pics on my site. i mean, i dont mine that they tell me cause i'll take em down. i definitely dont wanna make problems, but its not like i am using the pics and saying they are mine. I make wallpapers out of them for other peoples enjoyment. whatever. i thought flick fans stuck together. i wasnt doing the wallpapers for me. i was doing them so other people could enjoy them on their desktops, otherwise i could have just kept them all to myself. but fair is fair, so i'll take em down. but it just kinda sucks you know? I WISH they would rerun Bands on the run. or if they are i have no clue when and i have been missing them. I really miss watching all of the bands...well i could do without asscracker, but hey. :) So friday i'm gonna go see Original Sin with Angelina Jolie who i totally love. yippee. maybe i'll talk my mom into going to hot topic again. gotta love that place. she hates it :) so ya. thats all for today.

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