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on and on

well, its been a while. i remember when i used to be so obsessed with this thing.. i guess its just harder to clear my mind and write. or too mch has been going on and i cant.

this week was crazy to say the least. lots of stuff happened. some fun, some really shitty. but for some reason they all seemed to work out. thats something new. im usually the one that ends up with shit. marcellas was awsome. afterwards things got complicated and i had a sort of falling out with mike, but i guess with time they are working themselves out. sometimes certain bonds are just so strong i guess. we seem to actually be closer. i dunno.

friday we dropped tali off at the mall and then vito and i hung out there for a while. it was pretty cool. i got red hair dye again. i think im gonna bleach my hair and do that again soon. then we went to montana mills and a few other places. it was cool to hang out outside with vito all day.

then mike and i went to watch a movie at jill's. that was pretty fun. then saturday i finally got cable so vito and i watched tv for most of the day together. weve been doing pretty good aside from a few annoyances here and there. hes been so grumpy lately but other then thats its ok. that night mike, brigid, brianna me and jill went to the cont. kevin got there a little later. i thought things might be a little weird but they turned out pretty good. i had a pretty awsome night. i felt bad cause vito really wanted to come but couldnt. i danced a lot though and spent time with mike. so it was all good.

then today i just sat around. i printed up stuff for my psych class. and then just hung around with vito. we watched the season premier of queer as folk. i was so excited hehe. then we ordered pizza and went out to the porch for a bit. ive been feeling off since then. i dunno why i just feel like something is wrong. hopefully tomorrow i wont feel like this anymore.

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