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stolen from missdeleterious

First Crush: chuck something in 4th grade hehe
First Real Girlfriend/Boyfriend: hmm...real? probably vito.
First Kiss: 2nd grade. johnathan raskin.
First Job: teachers aid
First Screenname: i think its been the same. im cool.
First Album/CD: lol i have no clue.
First Piercing/Tattoo: dragon on my ankle at 17. i got my ears pierced when i was 2. lol
First True Love: alvin calo. high school. damn that sucked. he turned out to be gay. my life sucks. lol
First Enemy: probably erica and alejandra from 4th grade. they were fuckin bitches
First Detention: dont remember ever being in detention hehe.
First Time Dying My Hair: when i was 13 i think. red streaks.
First Formal Dance: hell if i know
First Time Breaking A Bone: neva!
First Time Getting Really Sick: like i remember. does chicken pox count? i was 5

Last Cigarette: saturday night at the cont
Last Cuss Word Uttered: probably fuck, about an hour ago
Last Compliment: mike telling me i was hot
Last Girlfriend/Boyfriend: vito
Last Crush: wouldnt you like to know ;p
Last Time Driving: i dont. wooo
Last Big Car Ride: driving back to b-lo with my parents after spring break
Last Kiss: this afternoon
Last Good Cry: good cry? oxymoron much? i dont know probably this week
Last Movie Seen: harry and tonto
Last Beverage Drank: sunkist
Last Food Consumed: pizza
Last Phone Call: brigid
Last Thing Written: brigid? lol by hand...i dunno something for school.
Last Shoes Worn: plain black ones
Last Person That You Saw Naked Besides You: mike
Last Annoyance: people making me depressed
Last Song You Heard: somethin by the deftones
Last Formal Dance: prom
Last Piercing/Tattoo:lip piercing a month ago, tattoo on my birthday
Last Birthday Celebrated: sept 27

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