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save me from myself.

so classes are over. seems like they just started. sort of lol. this week was ok. pretty much just stressed out about finals, which all got done. mike helped me with my ws final which was cool cause i had no idea how to get started. the psych final wasnt too bad. it could have been better but oh well.

friday was spring fest but i didnt go. vito wanted to, but we decided it was too much of a fiasco cause of the rest of the plans we had that night so me, vito, kevin, mike, brigid and keith went to briannas for diner. it was pretty cool. she made spaghetti and we had wine and just hung out for a while. we should do stuff like that more often. then we went to teh sapphire room to see one of kevins friends band play.tey went on an hour late so we hung out at spot coffee for a while. i miss that place so much. so then we walked bak to see the band. they were ok but i was too tired to just sit there listening to music. afterwards we went to the cont. at first it was so dull and we were tired, but after a few drinks we got up and danced a whole lot. i got drunk pretty fast and so did prettymuch teh rest of us so things were all over the place the rest of the night. i had a really good time though i dances with brigid and brianna and jen was even there. then the rest of the night i hung out with mike prettymuch. it was really nice. he can just be so completely awsome. im glad i have people like him in my life.

vito called me while i was at the cont and was like i love you and miss you and when you come home climb in bed with me. so that cheered me up tons and made my night so much better.

saturday i woke up pretty late but it worked out ok. vito was up and about trying to get the pieces of my desk together. we went out on the porch for a while and just hung out with tali. then we went to wendys cause i smelled all the bbqing going on outside hehe. that night i was supposed to go to jills but i decided to stay home cause vito was being really weird and mean so i was too depressed and he would have gotten mad if i went out cause he wanted me to help him put together the desk. so i stayed home and helped him. we wathed teh simpsons for a while too. i wanted to watch snl but vito didnt want to. then he said he was tired and we were gonna go to bed so i lay down and waited for him and he came in my room and watched a movie. i woke up like half way and i was kind of upset cause he just left me there but thats ok. i shouldnt have complained about it.

now he feels smothered or something and wants to go stay at his moms for a while. i asked him if my legs were pretty or something and i guess that set him off. i dunno. i guess i should learn to keep things to myself and just write them in a journal or talk to my other friends about it. i dont wanna stress vito out by talking to him about anything. i just wish sometimes i could talk to him about my stuff and not always his. sometimes i wish things with him werent so bipolar. its so hard to know when he is in a good mood and when hes not and figure out how to act at those times. i love him to death but it gets so hard. im only human too...

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