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goodbye friends

today was pretty fun. i slept like all day cause i was just so tired and didnt feel like getting up. vitos mom and brother came over just as i was about to shower. they brought over a table we could use, so we moved my desk into my room and set up the table, and put the other one in the kitchen. it looks really cute. so we cleaned a little and then it was time to watch the friends finale. which was so fuckin sad. i wish i was at home for it cause we watched together all the time, but vito lay in bed with me and we watched the whol thing together. i loved that show so much. it was so sad but so happy. and wooo ross and rachel :) haha im a dork, but whatever i loved it.

so afterwards we just hung out and watched ER and stuff. there was a huge storm during friends and it was still going on so we put some shoes on and went out on the porch and just watched the storm. the lightning was so beautiful. we just stood there and watched it for a while as the rain poured down.

since then ive just been watchin all the friends stuff on tv. leno had them on and it was pretty cool. and ive been eating tons of chips. woo. tomorrow mike brigid keith and some of his friends are supposed to go to some cemetary but i dont know how thats gonna go. mike is thinking of just going up to his cabin, but i dont know what i wanna do. things have been weird around here and i dont know how much i wanna mess with it. a lot has been going on in my head that i need to sort out.

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