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so wednesday night im getting ready to do my photo hw and my camera wont go on. at all. the rechargeable battery wont recharge anymore. so i was not gonna go to class but then vito talked me into it. he walked me halfway to the bus stop otherwise i wouldnt have made it. so we worked on the computer for most of the time anyway. my pictures came out ok but i feel like everyone elses were better. vito says they are really good though. yipeee

the past few days i have been so massivly depressed. i hung out with mike on wed cause that always makes me feel better. but it didnt. i went to the bathroom at school and just cut myself again before he got there. ugh. then we went to the mall and i got the cutest skirt which i thought would make me feel better but it didnt. we walked around for a while and then i just came home and slept and slept and slept.

thursday when i got home from class i just layed around with vito. we had lots of woah. its been a while. and it was awsome. and fun.

i finally slept at like 8pm cause i was so tired and then mike and brigid showed up so we could go play pool. i got a little pissed but i was just so tired. i went out with them though cause i wanted to hang out and try to not be so depressed. it was a good time. then they came over and hung out and we watched degrassi and daria. then i was just so tired i had to go to sleep again.

today i played cards with vito, watched more tv and then just slept. and now i feel like shit cause i was supposed to spend time with mike, and i fell asleep like an idiot and now hes mad at me. and probably hates me a lot. cause i fuck things up proffesionally. cant i just get payed for this already? im so damn good at it. i dont even know how i manage to do these things. i dont mean to and then everyone gets mad at me.

and then people wonder why i just wanna hide under my covers and cry. where are the good drugs when you need them.

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