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dont you forget about me.

ive been so uneasy these past few days. well ive been feeling ok here and there too...but just nervous or anxious about something. probably about going home, and making sure i make enough time for everyone...and i hate when people dont get back to me. i emailed annie and texted her a bunch of times but she hasnt replied. since that day dwayne emailed me and i sent back a nasty email. could that be it? i wonder. and i guess even after all that happened with her, that hurts. because we have been trying to get along and i have known her for a long ass time. i hate how i dwell on these things. i wish i could put them out of my mind. but they fester there and bother me to no end.

i got a new camera the other day. my dad ordered it online and it got here the next day, so i was able to do my project and it turned out really well i think. the class really loved it so i think their critique helped the teacher see them better...she can be weird about that sometimes. then again i take things too personally. so now im getting used to this camera and we have a new project due next week on people...i have to come up with a topic and find people i can use. any ideas? i have thought of a few things but i dont know if the concepts are good enough.

so vito is at a job interview right now!!!! i am so proud of him. its for a financial accounting position. i hope he does well. i think this is really gonna help him get things moving along.after that he wants to take tali's car to a mechanic to see how much i would be to fix it up cause he is thinking of buying it if is not too expensive. that would be nice.

so going home this weekend is stressing me out. i dont know why. maybe its the trip, maybe is going to see my grandma, maybe its that i know im gonna miss vito and would love to stay longer if he was there (and if i didn have class) maybe its thinking of jfk on the way back and wishing i didnt have to go there ever...all those bad memories come rushing back to me.leaving my friends and mike here for a few days. its so many things. it will be so good to see my sister though. thats the one thing im looking forwward to. and finally getting my boots!! lol

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