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Wow, have days been bipolar or what. maybe i'm the one thats bipolar. So me and Josh are good. We are totally good. Maybe better then before. just like me and my roomate. Maybe what i need is a good fight for things to get better. maybe i need all this bad shit in my life for it to get better. i dont knw. i am really trying to be optimistic right now so depression doesnt consume me. People think i dont try but i really do. I have to get up in a few hours and go to math so i can maybe finally get my test back. i better have done good.

lol i had a craving for soy milk. Josh was very proud. hehe. SO i told him that he saved my life and he and andrea are my best friends. i was really glad i could tell him that. and he said the same thing back to me =) I think i am set. they are what i need. maybe it wont be so bad anymore.

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