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stolen from ihaveacrushonu

TEN people I enjoy the company of:
1. Vito
2. Cristina
3. kinga
4. mike
5. brigid
6. brianna
7. annie
8. jill
9. jen
10. ken

NINE people I miss more than anything:
(people you dont really hang out with anymore)
1. kinga
2. alvin
3. my family
4. jessica h.
5. katie b.
6. heather b.
7. josh
9. andrea

EIGHT things im wearing:
1. glasses.
2. red shirt with black sparkly star
3. claddagh ring
4. rainbow bracelet
5. beaded bracelets
6. jeans
7. black rubber bracelets
8. lots of earrings

SEVEN things on my mind:
1. the pride parade tomorrow
2. what im gonna do tonight
3. if i can make it to pride in nyc
4. what shows are on tv
5. wanting to buy a new corset
6. if i should even get ready to go out
7. george clooney and michelle pfiefer on tv

SIX items I touch everyday:
1. My computer
2. my hair
3. vito
4. my glasses
5. toilet paper
6. the microwave

FIVE things I do everyday:
1. watch tv
2. Talk to people online
3. watch degrassi lol
4. listen to music
5. eat icecream

FOUR things I want to do before I die:
1. go to egypt
2. get married
3. be in a photo shoot
4. go to the hottest party in the world

THREE things I think when I wake up:
1. i wish i didnt have to wake up
2. What to wear
3. what im gonna do today

TWO of my favorite foods:
1. hamburgers
2. vegetable lasagna

ONE person I love more than any other:
1. vito

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