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everytime i read this damn horrorscope its so true to life i wanna die. weirness.

LIBRA (Sep 23–Oct 22): Be careful about what you say. Your words can carry more emotional weight today than you intend, even if you hide your feelings in vague meanderings. There are deep-rooted issues coming close enough to the surface that they can break through into your life. The resulting disruptions could turn into bigger problems than the issues themselves.

anyway, today was so fuckin hot. and is only gonna get worse. i tried to take pictures for class today. my topic is gonna be vito. i just got so many good pictures that it worked out that way. of course he would be my inpiration :) so the rest of the time i played games on his computer and hung out in there cause he put the airconditioner in. i told him he better pay for it cause my dad is gonna flip. but atleast we arent dying of heat.

then i watched some degrassi and dyed my hair. red. like normal red. i dunno, i felt like a natural color for some reason. must be my mood. which is weird cause ive been darker and more depressed lately, but i guess my social anxiety has been worse too so i dont want to stand out. blah

bedtime soon. i hope.

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