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*love lifts us up where we belong*

So today was weirdness. hehe what else is new. I missed getting up cause i set my time wrong yesterday. i mixed up the am and pm. so i missed math. no test back lol. So i cleaned my entire room and i still havent studied ONE BIT! lol i am definitely gonna fail this test. just this one =)

I went to the thrift store with Andrea today and got nothing. lol. i went to get more halloween stuff and some cherry mountain dew. yum. Then we came home and made grilled cheese and tomatoe soup and watched Dawsons Creek. Yes i watch that show. dont make fun of me. lol then i FINALLY watched Felicity. God that show is awsome. I was so excited and it was really good. love it to death. today was a pretty ok day. Joah is gonna stop by later to hang out =)

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