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oh to be you.

photo projects up the ass. handed one in today that i didnt get to work on much cause i was tired and sick.i slept all day yesterday except for a few hours of pizza and angel with vito. but i think the photo project it went well. the teacher seemed to like it atleast.

i finally saw brigid on tuesday. we hung out at mike for a while, jen was there too. it was so good to see my brig. its been too long. that girl always makes me smile. it was a good time.

things with mike have been all over the place i guess. the intensity scares me sometimes. its hard to wake up to an email saying all kinds of things that make me wanna kill myself and then later get another one that says oh ignore that it was a drunken rant. spaceeeeeeeee.

anyway yeah so vito has been playing snood for days and i wish i had some pills or something. something non stressful. i made brownies today. they turned out pretty damn good.

i ordered the cutest tulle skirt today. hot pink and black. i totally cant wait. and as for now, i wish i just had some lovin and some smokes. weeee.

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