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and it goes on

my sister silverjedi331 took this of me in the car last month when i went to visit. good stuff

last night i went to the cont with ken, chrissy, some of her frends, jill and mike. it was an awsome time. i danced a shit load, and drank no enough to feel this shitty today hehe. mikes been so much better lately ad i can feel my stress lifting. in that aspect ayway. so im trying really hard to enjoy my saturday cause then ill have to start working on my next stupid photo project. and then im thinking about going home in time for nyc pride. plus i miss everyone there and i wanna see annies new place like woah.

vito is at some thing he said he would do for this church. woo. i guess im just proud that he got up and went and is doing something. i just wish he could spend like 4 hours of his time with me. sometime. anytime.

oh well

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