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so this week...lets see. monday it was so hard to go to class but i knew it was the last week so it was ok. on the way home i was ready to take the bus back and vito was there! he missed his bus for his interview so he was gona call a cab, but that meant he had time to go eat. so we went to the coffee bean cafe and had lunch there. it was really great. we talked and i showed him some of my photos. then he called a cab and dropped me off and went to his things. tuesday i worked on my oral report for ages and then vito was in a good mood so we walked to the movie theatre close to us, went to mcdonalds where they had to go to tops to get cheese cause they ran out lol. Then we went to see Saved! which was so cute! i really liked it a lot. we got popcorn and all and it was so fun. we talked a lot on the way home and then i went to bed. we kind of had a little tift but then we fooled around which was ok...weird i guess so i dunno. and then i went to sleep.

i was so nervous to do my report but i took a valium and god it helped. i forgot how much my klonopin used to help me. so it went ok. i was so relieved when it was over and so tired when i got back home. so i worked on my other project for a while andd just hung around.

today was the last day of class! woo. my project went really well and im probably gona get an A in the class :) i was so late this morning though cause i was searching everywhere for my ID. i totally cant find it and i dont know what to do. im freaking out cause i wanted to go home really soon and i cant even get on the damn plane without it, let alone go out to clubs and stuff. ugh im so pissed. if i go to the dmv tomorrow i wont even get it for another week or 2, and i have no other id on me, like my birth certificate or something. im soooo mad and now thats really stressing me out. like i needed something else.efw'

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