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so vito had his moms car on friday and took me to the dmv. so i got a temp id card. hopefully it should work everywhere. so i decided to come home today. nyc home. it was spontanious i guess. and my mom was a little retarded about it. i cried for like an hour cause i was so upset. she was just acting really bitchy about it. and i almost cancelled my flight. ugh. but then i just sucked it up and decided it was a good time to go home. so i vito called me a cab and we went outside and waited for a while and just talked and stuff. im gonna miss him tons. ill probably just be here a week and a half, 2 weeks tops. im glad to be here i guess, things just feel a little unsettling. i dunno.

so im supposed to hang out with annie tonight but i am soooo tired and i dunno. then tomorrow is the pride parade which i am excited about. and then annie is leaving to pick up dwayne from the airport i guess. didnt really tell me about it. whatever. i guess we might not be hanging out as much as i thought but who knows.

i miss vito already. tomorrow wont be the same without him

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